Formal Research of the College Student Demographic

Dr. Brandon Chicotsky partnered with Sherra E. Wagner, Senior Manager of Nissan Marketing, and Matt Ochab, former Account Director at Critical Mass (the in-house advertising agency contracted with Nissan) to initiate regional research. The course, APR 280, conducted regional research of SEC schools under Dr. Chicotsky's oversight involving survey analysis and advertising strategy. Empirical and qualitative assessments were presented by students from the course at the Nissan headquarters at the end of the semester.



The following syllabus was approved by the Department of Advertising and Public Relations at The University of Alabama's College of Communication and Information Sciences.



Nissan's advertising and marketing executives attended the final presentation of research results at the Nissan headquarters. The presentation helped shape Nissan's on-campus marketing strategy for the region.

APR 280
APR 280
APR 280


Dr. Brandon Chicotsky is a business faculty member at Johns Hopkins University specializing in business communication and management. Since beginning university lectureship in 2014, Dr. Chicotsky has taught over 1,000 students in the classroom and online on various topics ranging from information management to media entrepreneurship. Dr. Chicotsky's pedagogy also involves experiential learning and career development programming. His research interests center on brand management with interdisciplinary aspects of capital markets and media. 

The University of Alabama, PhD (2017)

Communication & Information Sciences

New York University, MSM (2012)

Management & Entrepreneurship

The University of Texas at Austin, BA (2007)

Cultural Anthropology & Government

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